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Re: that video, life, etc

Ffffffffffffffffffffff the quaint little house with a detatched cabin that I’d looked at like 4 months ago is still on the market and I can almost guarantee mom was not expecting a text that said “so, how do you feel about living in a log cabin”

I lack the words to describe how absolutely perfect it seems to be. There’s an open house on 8/10, and I reeeeeaaaaally want to go see it in person.

*aggressively angel maries into the sunset*

I am so, so tired.

Yesterday, Fiance’s mom called him in tears because even though she got a pretty significant raise, her health insurance policy was changing and her rent was going up, which meant she’d have to pull about $400 out of her savings every month. She was understandably upset. He consoled her, and then we talked about it at dinner.

She’s considering moving to Florida, because she’d then be one of the “young” workers instead of a retirement risk. He told her to actually look into jobs down there instead of packing up and moving on the nebulous idea of “there are lots of jobs down there that I could do”.

I put forth the notion that we (the three of us) look into buying a two-family/duplex/in-law/’income’ house. She has the savings for a down payment that we don’t have, and it would cut all of our expenses down quite a bit if we found a good place. It would give us the chance to regroup and get our finances more on track. And then, if/when she decides to retire, she could go wherever she wanted and we could pick up a tenant.

Both Fiance and his mother seemed interested in the idea, so we’ll be looking into it.

I did a little bit of looking already, and while a little difficult, it shouldn’t be impossible to do. Hell, we might even get lucky with a 3-unit place and pick up a tenant right away.

It’s an idea, it’s on the table. Who knows what will come of it, though.

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